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Jobs and careers

Where do you fit in?

Doctor working at UHBristol

Did you know there are over 300 different NHS careers and and over a million people in the UK following them? From radiographers and doctors to specialist nurses, caterers and accountants, we couldn't provide good care without them.

As a large Trust, UH Bristol can offer a huge range of jobs. Many of these include working directly with the patient and other roles contribute to providing the best healthcare by offering valuable support across the organisation.

Whether you want to work in a caring job, or your skills are in another specialism such as maintenance, finance, administration or even food production, there are roles suited to you at UH Bristol.

Want to find out more?

For details of the skills and experience you'll need, the rewards you can expect and to learn more about working for the NHS from people who already do, visit the NHS Careers website 

Temporary and flexible working

UHBristol has a 'bank' of temporary staff. It works in the same way as a temporary employment agency. The bank offers additional and flexible working to existing employees and people who want to work on a temporary/casual basis. Bank employees include nurses and midwives, administrative and clerical roles such as ward clerks, secretaries and outpatient clerks, and ancillary staff, such as porters, cleaners and catering staff.

For more information or to apply to be on the bank please email

14-19 years old?

If you'd like to see which of those 300 careers could be right for you, visit

You can take a test to see what job suits you, send for an NHS careers welcome pack, see videos about NHS jobs and much more.


If you are a reservist in the forces or are interested in joining, UH Bristol has a policy of supporting the reserve forces and provides leave arrangements to enable reservists undertake their duties. Full details of the Special Leave policy will be available from your recruiting manager.