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Our research

The UH Bristol Research and Innovation Department is located on level 3 of the Education and Research Centre.

We are led by our Director of Research, Professor David Wynick, and our Head of Research and Innovation and Deputy Director of Research, Diana Benton.

We deal with all aspects of clinical research and development, including R&D approvals, setting up studies, commercial and non-commercial research, grant funding, and innovation and intellectual property. Please contact us early on if you are thinking of taking part in a research study, applying for grant funding, or have an innovation project.

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Our researchers lead and contribute to world class research which helps us to understand diseases better and develop new treatments for the benefit of patients and the NHS.

Providing healthcare, research and teaching of the highest quality to improve outcomes for patients is at the centre of what we do at UH Bristol. Research is embedded in the care we provide, and we aim to offer the chance of taking part in research to as many of our patients as we can. 

We know that the research evidence we gather must be used if we are to improve patient care. As the regional specialist teaching hospital, we are committed to working as part of Bristol Health Partners and the West of England Academic Health Sciences Network to bring research findings into practice and improve the health of our city and the region.  

Our aim is to increase the number of studies we can offer to our patients, and to help them understand more about research and what it means to the NHS.

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